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Τρι, 15 Ιαν 2013 5:26 pm
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Feb 06, 2011

Heraclion, Crete, Greece | 30/06 - 05/07
    Open Discovery Space Project

    A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources

    ODS Summer School 2013

    The aim of the course is to support the development of European schools’ digital culture and teachers’ digital skills, so that they are able to understand the uses and applications of digital resources in school practice, and subsequently to benefit from digital content and technology solutions covering a wide range of areas: Science, Mathematics, ICT, Social Studies, Arts and Language Studies. This is envisaged to also promote the development of students’ key competences, with particular emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills.
    Participation in this event is funded by the European Commission through the Comenius programme and the funding applications are submitted to LLP National Agencies.

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