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Τετ, 23 Ιαν 2013 1:21 pm
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Feb 06, 2011

Open Compute Foundation

    • The technologies behind data centers are understood by their users—they know what they need and want, and can innovate; collaboration between these users and technology developers is the best way to openly create and develop opportunities for innovation in this space. This community should make big plans and aim high.

    • We strive to enable the development of the most efficient servers, storage and data center infrastructure from a useful work per total cost perspective, in order to bring computing to people at the lowest cost and widest distribution.

    • All infrastructure technology and energy consumption (renewable and non-renewable) has environmental impact; we will minimize environmental impact whenever possible.

    • The base designs that emerge from this project should be freely implemented and improved upon by anyone and all.

    • Open Source Software and Hardware will serve to democratize access to the best server, storage and data center technologies available. The focus of this project is on open technologies that can be multi-sourced.

    • Community benefit for all of our participants —contributors, consumers and technology suppliers— is paramount in order to accelerate innovation and maximize opportunity throughout the Open Compute community.

    • Interoperability and compliance are crucial for scaling effectiveness. We will work with industry standards bodies to help strike a balance between modularity and customization as needed.

    • Transparency of processes, including communications, promotes participation, respect, honesty and trust.

    - Facebook and Open Compute just blew up the server and disrupted a $55B market

    - The Four Types of System Architectures

    Let me seed some more misleading headlines for the author’s use. From 2007: “Apple destroys the phone market with the iPhone release.” From 2002: “Desktop Linux set to kill Windows.” For in a few weeks: “Blackberry 10 set to dominate the central Canadian smartphone market.”

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